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HPTA - Hostos Parent Teacher Association Page

20 members-strong as of November 2018 and welcoming more!
Ester Roche, President
Elizabeth Tejeda, Secretary 
Hostos Charter has a strong history of family involvement, and the dedicated parents in the Hostos Parent Teacher Association (HPTA) have made serious contributions which benefit the school community to this day.
Just a few years ago, the HTPA put together several years of fundraising collections to establish the Hostos Charter library was home to the Scholastic Book Fair from December 3-7. The end of last year also just saw the school's first Holiday Shoppe, an in-school store filled with great seasonal gifts. This gave students to do some very affordable holiday shopping of their own from December 18-20... because it's important to let parents know how much they're appreciated!


The Hostos Parent Teacher Association is lead by President Ester Roche. If you're interested in getting involved, please use the link on the sidebar to find the HPTA Remind group. Registration is very easy and it assures you'll receive any announcements from Ester. Ester can also be reached via email at [email protected] 

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