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Educational Philosophy

Hostos Charter provides a bilingual, bicultural academically enriched program in English and Spanish that helps students to make the most of their individual talents.

Inspiring students to achieve excellence takes more than a seven-hour school day. The Eugenio Maria de Hostos staff approaches the development of each student from a culturally informed perspective and with complete dedication to the quality of their work both in and out of the classroom.
Scholars gain a larger picture of the world around them within our multicultural environment, while the bilingual learning we provide makes them better prepared to thrive in it. In Kindergarten, we strengthen students’ Spanish while gradually introducing English as they age for seamless learning. Older and transfer students are placed carefully within our dual- language curriculum to meet their current needs. 

In addition to being members of the Hostos community, students and families discover new opportunities via the ASPIRA network of schools and programs.

It was after 30 years of community building that ASPIRA of Pennsylvania established Hostos as the first charter school extension of its work. Today, the mission to provide better educational opportunities for more people in need has taken hold in what the organization calls the "cradle-to-career" strategy. It's the idea that ASPIRA can - via programming, resources or training - help community members learn and achieve no matter their age. To Hostos students, this means arts, athletics and extra-curricular activities far beyond what a school of our population could do on its own.