Dear Eugenio Maria De Hostos Charter School Community,

We know that right now we see much to cause fear and anxiety in the world around us.  Racism and social unrest paired with the pandemic has caused trauma, loss, and anger and is affecting so many in our community. We believe now is the time to come together and stand with our colleagues, students, and parents in our community and across our nation.

As a community, we believe that senseless killing and social injustice cannot be tolerated and must be addressed and reflected upon. These horrendous actions serve as tragic reminders that racism and inequality still shape much of American Society and daily life for our students and their families. We know there is work to be done, conversations to be held, and as educators, we know it is in our hands to ask the right questions of our school community and ourselves.


We ask that you take some time to watch this video from Trevor Noah, listen deeply, and reflect on his questions. We know that asking the right questions at the right time can be the key to creating a dialogue that will help us learn and grow together and spark necessary change.

We believe that the justifiable outrage many of us are feeling can be focused to create the positive change we so desperately need in our society. We aspire to create strong, compassionate, community leaders and know that change begins with us.

Should you or your family need additional resources or support during this time please know we are here for you. Your school counseling team can be reached at
 hostoscounselingdpt@hostos.aspirapa.org and we ask that you reach out if support is needed. We are here to stand with our community, shoulder to shoulder, and work to make our school and our nation a place that values and protects us.

The Eugenio Maria De Hostos Charter School Leadership Team