Our FAME Jr. students have been making their mark in Philadelphia!

Thanks to our co-producer, ASAP Drama, an amazing opportunity was presented to our drama students this year. FAME Jr. students from Stetson, Cyber, Pantoja, and Hostos sang on Friday, March 1, at the Museum of the American Revolution to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Philadelphia Foundation. The Philadelphia Foundation supported and sponsored our Multi-School Musical back in the 2017-2018 school year.

In the words of Buddy, a Cyber student, "This is the fanciest I've ever been treated in my life!" Before signing up for the school musical, Israel “Buddy” Sanchez was not very interested in school extracurricular activities. He preferred to stay to himself and enjoyed spending time with his friends and family in private settings.

When asked to describe his experience at the museum, he said it was a lot of fun. The minute they arrived they were treated like royalty. The students were escorted around the building and were able to explore the museum. Buddy was very impressed by the beautiful statues and how spotless the building was inside and out.

Before their catered lunch, the students were allowed to play with the therapy dogs, which Buddy described as a huge help in easing his nerves for the performance later that day. This was his first time performing in front of a large crowd.

After lunch, the students indulged in deserts galore then prepped for the performance taking place at 5 pm. The students sang their hearts out and when finished the crowd cheered and even a standing ovation.

Buddy said the feeling of accomplishment and amazement filled his body. When the day was over, he shared with his family his wonderful experience. They responded and said “see, this is what happens when you try new things” and Buddy happily agreed. He was proud that he stepped out of his comfort zone and will never be hesitant to try new things anymore.